Curry Quiz Vindaloo (difficult)

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Curry Quiz Vindaloo (difficult)

Are you a curry guru or macaroni cheese?

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Popular in India, what are the metal, multi-tiered containers used for storing and delivering food?

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What are the two main ingredients in Keema Muttar?

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The tempering of whole spices in hot oil is called what?

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Jaggery is an ingredient used in Indian dishes as a replacement for what?

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What is the clarified butter that is used in Indian cooking called?

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What are the two main ingredients in Methi Gosht?

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What is Germany's home-grown curry dish?

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What is puri?

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Chicken Tikka Masala was created in Britain. But in which authentic dish does it have its roots?

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You're likely to find Curry Laksa on the streets of which country?

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