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Bharat Bar, Baga, Goa, India

Quite why the Bharat Bar is so popular is a bit of a mystery. It sits on a noisy corner between a main road (Baga Road) and the entrance to party world (Tito’s Lane). It’s noisy (toot toot), dusty, and none too clean if we’re being honest. Yet it is decidedly cheap booze-wise and its location is ideal for people watching and catching friends who pass by en route from the beach to the glut of nearby guest houses so it’s always busy.

I’ve never considered it a place to eat (noise, dust, general mayhem with your meal anyone?) although plenty of people do. It can’t be for the Chicken Tikka (Rps 220). The snack was a smallish portion (maybe a tad bigger than you’d get as a starter in an English restaurant), a bit dry, and certainly not worth the dust etc.

* At the time of the visit £1 = Rs 85, $1 = Rs 54.

Bharat Bar, Cnr Baga Road/Tito’s Lane, Goa, India. Open: till late.

Bharat Bar snapshot

Food 4⃣

Decor 1⃣

Value 3⃣

Atmosphere 7⃣

Service and friendliness 7⃣

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