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Restaurant Curries

How to cook curry houses dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Keema Muttar, Bombay Potato and Butter Paneer. Full list of recipes here…

Check out our Curry Challenge: 100 Curries in 100 Days.

What are the most popular names for Indian restaurants and takeaways?

FIVE of the BEST
5 Best World Curries
5 Best Goa Curries
5 Best African Curries

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Looking for the perfect Curry Gift, some spices, hot sauces or some oh-that’s-nice-where-did-you-get-it cooking kit? Pop into our Curry Shop and enjoy your shopping…

Favourite Curries

Favourite curries such as Punjabi Biryani and Egg Curry, Swahili Chicken Curry, Mauritian Chilli Cakes, street food such as Stuffed Peppers and Hara Jhinga from the beaches of Goa. Full list of recipes here…

If football teams were curries what would they be?

Just how much do you know about curry? Try our quizzes here…

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The Royal Curry Club was founded in 2009 in Greenwich, London, and loves all things curry related.

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Every year we say thanks to the great curry houses in our Royal Curry Club Awards.

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