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The Royal Curry Club (previously the Greenwich Curry Club) was born in 2009 when a group of friends started meeting once a month at different curry restaurants.

We organise the Spice Card, which gives lovers of spicy food – whether Indian, Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese – a year of savings on food in restaurants and takeaways.

We also offer Indian Cooking Master Classes – perfect for aspiring chefs and as gifts for friends – as well as curry pop-ups and supper clubs, special events for restaurants such as curry-drink pairing dinners and organise the annual Royal Curry Club Awards..

The original south London group (yes we are based in the London Greenwich not the New York one) still meets regularly. Anyone is welcome to join us as long as he/she is charming, witty, and doesn’t do a runner before the bill is paid…

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Photos: © Royal Curry Club unless stated. Not to be reused without permission.

The Royal Curry Club Awards
were launched in 2011 to recognise excellence in restaurants and takeaways in Greenwich and the surrounding area. There were no Awards held in 2015 or 2016. The winners have been…

Favourite Restaurant
2018….. Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)
2017….. Darjeeling (Lewisham)
2015/6.. No Awards held
2014….. The Coriander (Westcombe Park)
2013….. Curry Garden (Blackheath)
2012….. Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)
2011….. Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)

Favourite Specialist Takeaway
2018….. Mogul Home Dining Kitchen (Trafalgar Road, Greenwich)
2017….. Mogul Home Dining Kitchen (Trafalgar Road, Greenwich)
2015/6.. No Awards held
2014..… Green Chillies (Greenwich)
2013..… Green Chillies (Greenwich)
2012..… Le Popadom (Greenwich)
2011..… Mogul Home Dining Kitchen (Trafalgar Road, Greenwich)

Outstanding Service and Friendliness
2018….. Kesar (Charlton)
2017….. Mountain View (Greenwich)
2015/6.. No Awards held
2014….. Mountain View (Greenwich)
2013….. Gaylord (Isle of Dogs)
2012….. Khan’s (Blackheath)
2011. … Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)

Outstanding Value
2018….. Pathiri (Greenwich)
2017….. Darjeeling (Lewisham)
2015/6.. No Awards held
2014..… Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)
2013..… Darjeeling (Lewisham)
2012….. Darjeeling (Lewisham)
2011….. Gurkha’s Inn (Greenwich)

Favourite Newcomer
2018….. King of Punjab (Isle of Dogs)
2017….. Kasturi (Charlton)
2014..… Mountain View (Greenwich)

Royal Curry Club Special Awards
2018….. Panas Gurkha (for outstanding vegetarian and vegan food)
2017….. Royal Nepalese (for outstanding main dish – Langtang Lamb)
2014….. The Coriander (for outstanding main dish – Naga Chicken)
2014..… Kerala Village (for outstanding starter – Hot and Sour soup)
2013….. Desi’s Indian (for outstanding market stall)
2013….. Gurkha’s Inn (for outstanding starter – Momos)
2012….. Inde’licious (for outstanding innovative dish – Curry pizza)
2012….. Mogul (for curry and food pairing evenings)
2012….. National Maritime Museum (for curry and a pint dinners)
2012….. Mehak (for outstanding main dish – Chicken Vindaloo)
2011….. Gurkha’s Inn (for decor)

Md Azifur Rahman Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Curry Community

2018… Karri Twist (New Cross)

8 thoughts on “About & Contact us

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  2. Thank you for following me. Enjoying your blog too, I’ve clearly got a long way to go! Some great prospects though – Kashmiri Aroma (still to do in Sheffield); Gaylords, Isle of Dogs is now on my longlist!

    Forgive me if I trawl your reviews for new ways to describe onion bhajis, they’re a recurring liability!


  3. Hey Judge! Yeah Kashmiri Aroma was great so be good to know what it’s like now. Gaylords very decent. Give us a shout when you’re down, we’ll join you for an onion bhaji or three!


  4. oh how I hate having to address you with “d567f” when you have put up a picture of yours 🙂 🙂 – I actually heard/read of you some time back but for some obscure reason never managed to get in touch with this great Blog. But as they say ‘better late than never”. Re spelling of Indian words, after 14plus years out here I now have got used to the many different spellings for one single word (in cooking), so I have chosen one version – with the approval of my Malayali husband 😉 – and stick to it.

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