Tastier of Raj


Taste of Raj in Blackheath has always been a favourite, in part because of its lovely location and friendliness but also because it’s open all day. A sneaky mid-afternoon curry beats all, especially on a school day.

Now, I am pleased to report some tasty new dishes on its extended menu. But don’t take my word for it, just click on the image below and take a peek. Tested out on a recent visit and both recommended was the unusual Spicy Calamari (£5.95) with no shortage of green stuff for lovers of healthy extras, and Palak Pakura (£3.75) a sort of onion bhaji with loads of spinach and cream cheese filling. Both came with some conversation-starter extras: a rice cake, a twirly thing made of white flour and yoghurt, and a heart created with two different sauces. Ahhhh…

Spicy Calamari and Palak Pakura with interesting extras…

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