Recipe… Chicken Phall


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Chicken Phall
Serves 4

What you need
• 675 g chicken
• 1 onion finely chopped
• 8 cloves garlic finely chopped
• 25 g fresh ginger finely chopped
• 3 tbsp oil
• 400 g tomatoes
• 1 tbsp tomato ketchup
• 1 tbsp tomato paste
• 12 fresh or dried chillies (or more to your taste)
• salt
• 1 tsp cumin (ground)
• 1 tsp coriander (ground)
• 1 tsp chilli powder
• 1 tsp fenugreek leaves (dried)
• 1 tsp garam masala

How you cook it
1. Chop the meat and fry the onion, garlic and ginger until golden in half the ghee or oil. Mix the spices with a little water to make a paste.
2. Add to the onion mixture, and cook for 10 minutes.
3. Add the tomato (tinned, ketchup and paste) and chillies.
Cook for a further 10 minutes.
4. Meanwhile fry the meat in a separate pan in the remaining ghee or oil, until sealed (5-10 minutes).
5. Combine all ingredients in a casserole dish and cook in a preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 45-60 minutes.

This curry can be left to marinate overnight or it can be frozen.

Recipe courtesy of Sweet ‘n’ Spicy phone app.

3 thoughts on “Recipe… Chicken Phall

  1. 12 fresh chilies? Really? 12??? You boys are made of tough stuff. Me, I’ll have the Naan naan naan on speed dial 🙂

    1. Ha ha, dial naan, naan, naan in case of spice emergencies, love it!

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