Roasted corn with lemon and spice


Roasted corn

This is a simple street snack you’ll find all over the sub-continent. For that delicious roasted taste the vendors finish cooking the corn in the coals, leaving on the leaves so the corn is protected. You can try the same on the barbecue at home or try to replicate under the grill. On the street it’s eaten with your hands, of course.

For 2 people

4 corn on its cob (with leaves on if you can get them)
A lemon cut into halves or quarters
A large spoonful of mixed tandoori spice (or any mixed spice you choose)
A small spoonful of salt, preferably sea sea salt with large grains

1. Cook cobs over barbeque until corn is soft (finish off for a few seconds in the coals if you have leaves to protect the corn). Use the grill if it’s cold and raining.
2. Mix the spice and salt together and add to a plate with the lemon pieces.
3. Once corn is ready rub the lemon into the spice and salt mix and then rub generously over the corn.
4. Eat immediately.


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