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Curry Quiz Phall (difficult)

How much do you know about curry? Take our quiz here…


Curry Quiz Phall (difficult)

Are you a curry guru or doner kebab?

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Idiyappam with Egg Curry is a popular dish in which part of India?

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Biryani originated from what part of the world?

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What's the name of the popular Japanese dish of breaded meat cutlet and curry sauce?

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Niramish is a dish of what?

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A Rajma Curry includes which man ingredient?

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Rashmi Kebabs are kebabs wrapped in what?

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What do Indians call Bombay Mix?

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What is a raan or a kurzi?

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Tamarind, an ingredient used in Indian cooking, is a key ingredient of which sauce?

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Khasi Bhutuwa is a popular dish from which country?

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