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Curry Quiz Madras (medium difficulty)

How much do you know about curry? Take our quiz here…


Curry Quiz Madras (medium)

Are you a curry guru or beans on toast?

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During which course of the meal would you be served a Gulab Jamon?

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Name the two main ingredients in Sag Aloo.

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Which two of the five basic tastes are in a Dhansak?

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In Achari Chicken what to the chicken?

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What's the main spice used in the dish Jeera Chicken?

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What is paneer?

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The Veeraswamy is Britain' oldest curry house that is still open. In which famous Monopoly square is it?

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What is the popular dish from South Africa where curry is put into a loaf of bread?

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An authentic Patia dish should be cooked with what main ingredient?

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An authentic vindaloo is cooked with which meat?

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