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Curry Quiz Bombay Aloo (easy)

How much do you know about curry? Take our quiz here…


Curry Quiz Bombay Aloo (easy)

Are you a curry guru or fish and chips?

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What is a karahi?

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If you ordered Murgh what would you get?

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What is the scale used to measure heat in a chilli?

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What is the name of the spicy vegetable soup that was made famous during the Raj era?

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What are the two types of cardamom seeds?

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If you ordered a dish containing Ghobi, what would you get?

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The Tamarind Restaurant in Northampton holds the record for building the largest tower of popadoms. How tall was it?

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What are dal dishes mainly cooked with?

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What do Indian restaurants called meatballs?

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Vindaloo was originally from which part of India?

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Thanks Quiz Master! Have a popadom on me…