Curry tip of the week 18

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Think Korma is just a mild, creamy dish? The dish can be spicy. Add some fresh red chillies to your next Korma for a great balance of smoothness and heat.

Curry tip of the week 17

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For a really rich, vibrant colour in your Kormas use saffron (not turmeric). To extract the colour from the saffron put a few strands of it in warm milk and gently press with the back of a spoon.

Curry tip of the week 16

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One of the great things about peas in a curry dish are their bright colour. Ensure you add them at the right time and they are not over-cooked or they will lose that vibrant colour (think mushy peas at the fish ‘n’ chip shop).

Curry tip of the week 15

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For that little bit extra when cooking sweet and sour dishes such as Dhansak and Pathia, use jaggery instead of sugar for your sweetener.

Curry tip of the week 14

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Venturing into the world of fresh fish for your curries? Fresh fish should have shiny eyes and body and slippery wet skin.

Curry tip of the week 13

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Onions form the base of almost all curries so you’ll be chopping a lot of them. Follow these steps for frustration-free chopping.

1. Cut onion in half through the stem before peeling.
2. Cut off stems and peel.
3. Slice the onion long ways but do not cut it all the way through to ensure it is still held together. You can help with this by pinching it together with your thumb and forefinger. The end result, if you were to pick up the onion, would be a fan shape
4. Twist the onion around and slice in the other direction, this time cutting all the way through.
Hey presto, nice small chunks of onion.

Curry tip of the week 10

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Beer is great with curry, don’t get me wrong. But the spicy notes in whisky makes it an ideal drink to accompany Indian food. Don’t be afraid to experiment (and add water to your whisky to release the flavours) but for a starter for 10 try Johnnie Walker Red with Onion Bhajis.

Curry tip of the week 7

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Fancy a change from beer with your curry? The spices in whisky make it an ideal drink to accompany your favourite dish. Try the smoky Johnnie Walker Black with Chicken Tikka Masala.

Curry tip of the week 6

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Are you a Butter Chicken lover? When cooking with butter always add a little oil to the pan first to avoid it burning.

Courtesy of Sweet ‘n’ Spicy phone app.

Curry tip of the week 5

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When cooking kofta curry place the koftas into the sauce and cover, then wait until they are browned before stirring. This will ensure the koftas do not break up.

Curry tip of the week 4

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Cabbage can be used as a substitute for onion in curry recipes if you do not like the strong taste of onion.

Courtesy Sweet ‘n’ Spicy phone app

Curry tip of the week 3

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Do you like cooking curry with spinach but hate the chopping? Freeze a bag of baby spinach then while it is still in the bag simply scrunch it up and it will snap into tiny pieces. No chopping needed.

Become a curry chef

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a curry chef? Now’s your chance to learn from some of the best. Cinnamon Kitchen (see review) is offering masterclasses from executive chef Vivek Singh or other curry kings such as head chefs Abdul Yaseen (Cinnamon Kitchen) and Hari Nagaraj (Cinnamon Club) in the surrounds of one of London’s best Indian restaurants.

Saturday 21 January: Detox with Abdul Yaseen
Saturday 25 February: Curry, classic and contemporary with Vivek Singh
Saturday 24 March: Seafood special with Rakesh Ravindran



Curry tip of the week 2

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To avoid it breaking up when stirring, use a firm fish when cooking a fish curry. Monkfish or cod works well. Even tuna.

Curry tip of the week 1

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If you are marinating your chicken then first rub some lemon onto it and let it stand for a few minutes. This will degrease the meat and it will absorb the spices better.