Curry tip of the week 13

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Onions form the base of almost all curries so you’ll be chopping a lot of them. Follow these steps for frustration-free chopping.

1. Cut onion in half through the stem before peeling.
2. Cut off stems and peel.
3. Slice the onion long ways but do not cut it all the way through to ensure it is still held together. You can help with this by pinching it together with your thumb and forefinger. The end result, if you were to pick up the onion, would be a fan shape
4. Twist the onion around and slice in the other direction, this time cutting all the way through.
Hey presto, nice small chunks of onion.

2 thoughts on “Curry tip of the week 13

  1. I’ve a tip to add here. If you find your eyes water way too much then put the onion in the fridge before cutting it.
    Or do as I do and turn the extractor on full blast, slap on a pair of wrap around goggles, get the sharpest knife possible and chop away. Hankies optional.
    Or cheat and use a mini chopper but don’t chop too finely else they won’t cook (must be some science behind this but don’t look at me, I got kicked out of biology)

    1. Haha. Yes, chef who taught me this trick had her eyes streaming so she does a huge batch and freezes it down so she suffers less often.

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