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Ok, I was like a kid in a candy store. For a curry lover wandering around massive sacks of rice, packs of brightly spices, pots of pickles, moth beans, bags of gram flour and lentils of every description this is heaven.

Charlton’s Masala Mart is an Asian wholesalers offering everything you’ll need for your curries as well as frozen seafood and fresh meat (and a fair bit of other stuff too).

While it’s obviously aimed at the trade (20kg of rice for R19.99, 1kg garam masala for £3.87) there are well-priced smaller packs of most things on offer for the rest of us (100g turmeric for 35p).

You can also get your hands on things that few mainstream supermarkets are likely to stock such as the sweetener jaggery (475g for 89p) or the Bangladeshi fish tilapia (£2.49 a kilo).

Or, if you really like the stuff, you might just be tempted to stock up on lime pickle (4.4kg for £6.56).

Masala Mart, Unit 1, Ramac Way, Charlton, SE7 7AX. Tel: 020 8858 9858.

3 thoughts on “Spices and rices

  1. Glad to see this place moving up, I went there a while ago and wasn’t sure if it was just opening or closing down, what they had was more expensive than I am used to and there were many empty shelves.
    As trade increases, maybe the range and the prices will increase too.

    1. It’s still got a half-stocked feel in places but it never really bothered me. Would love to hear of cheaper places.

  2. I meant price competitiveness will increase! lol

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