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What’s the greatest of all ‘British’ foods? We’ve heard so often over the years about Chicken Tikka Masala being our national dish that it’s become ingrained in our consciousness.

But no I say! We need to question it. After all, I hardly need persuading about the merits of curry now, do I? But what about sausages? Man can live on curry alone (I’ve tried it and it works) but it would be a dull life without a post-hangover sausage sandwich with HP, and mum’s bangers and mash.

But wait, what if we combined the two to create… drum roll please… curry sausages? Which is why over the last two months Greenwich Curry Club has been working with gourmet sausage-maker Martin Heap at his Heap’s Sausages shop in Nevada Street, Greenwich.

The result is three new sausages: dark and fiery Beef and Pork Madras, creamy smooth Lamb Korma and spicy Goan Pork, Chilli and Ginger. The recipes have been created with spices that are at the heart of these curries such as turmeric, cummin, pepper, garam masala and coriander as well as using fresh onions, ginger, garlic, chillies and coriander.

Welcome to the best of both worlds.

2 thoughts on “Curry sausages

  1. Curry sausages are indeed the best of both worlds! They are great for when you can’t decide whether to order an indian or go to the sausage and mash cafe. As I said the best of both worlds!
    From Young curry fan using my dad’s account
    Signed: YCFUMDA 🙂 🙂

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