Goes down fast

Always good to discover a new beer made for spicy food, so… presenting for those of you not from Canada… Cheetah. At 5% abv, there is a lager and a dark beer, the former with a nice tang and the latter a bit smoother. Both do what they aim to, which is to go down well with Indian food – they were tested with a Lamb Vindaloo. The beers are brewed in Toronto. Not sure what cheetahs have got to do with Indian food or Toronto, mind you.

2 thoughts on “Goes down fast

  1. Plummy Mummy

    Oh how cruel you guys are…tantalising our tastebuds with a beer that’s not available in the UK [grrrrrr]. Best get some in your luggage to bring over to us deprived lot.


  2. d567f

    Yes, that Cheetah wasn’t bad at all. Certainly aimed at the curry market because I found it in other Indian restaurants in Canada. Still, got a beer tasting of the New Zealand’s Monsoon beer coming up soon. That’s fairly new to the UK. Will report back before we’ve had too many of them…


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