Michelin star for Veeraswamy


Veeraswamy, the oldest Indian restaurant in the country, has recently received a Michelin Star, fittingly as it celebrates its 90th birthday. The restaurant, which has hosted Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Indira Gandi and, of course, the Greenwich Curry Club, has put on a special menu to celebrate. Here are the highlights …

“The rare Royal Indian dishes we have created to celebrate the 90th anniversary include Asafjahi Lamb Pasanda from legendary kitchens of the Nizam of the Hyderabad, where Edward Palmer [the restaurant’s founder] was born; Shahi Raan from the Patiala Palace and Shahjahani Badami Chicken – a sophisticated Moghul recipe to remember Edward Palmer’s great grandmother, a Moghul princess.”

serveimage.jpg  serveimage.jpg
The Veeraswamy then and now…

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