Mongoose outlets

After stumbling across the new Mongoose beer (see review on October 15, 2010) in Cambridge, Wells & Young’s has sent a list of outlets that sell the beer in southeast and east London. This list includes two of the GCC’s favourites, the Moghul Tandoori (see review January 8, 2010 and February 17, 2010) and Memsaheb on Thames (see review on October 15, 2010) as well as the excellent Mala in St Katherine’s Dock. Time to try a beer methinks…

  • Mogul Tandoori, Greenwich, SE10 9BJ
  • Shard Indian Restaurant, Southwark, SE1 2TH
  • Coriander Restaurant, Kennington, SE11 5HY
  • Surma Curry House, East Dulwich, SE22 8HY
  • Memsaheb on Thames, E14 SUU
  • Bhangra Beat, South Woodford, E18 1NG
  • Mala, St Katherine’s Dock, E1W 1UH

4 thoughts on “Mongoose outlets

  1. Plummy Mummy

    Hope this appears in the supermarkets soon.

    Does the GCC also do wine as I’d really like some recommendations of good wine to go with spicy food.


  2. d567f

    Absolutely! Many of our members are wine drinkers. I’m going to ask Davy’s Wine Bar if they can help out with some recommendations. Great idea.


  3. Plummy Mummy

    Got one from watching Saturday kitchen.

    To go with Vivek Singh’s Tandoori breast of pigeon, black lentils, kachumber salad and naan bread – Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache 2008 available from Majestic

    A few weeks ago they also recommended Tinto da Anfora but I can’t remember what the recipe was!


    1. d567f

      That sounds good, wow what an interesting dish! I’ve asked a couple of local wine places for recommendations but no responses so far. I know a fair bit about whisky pairings though so will post something about that.


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