If football teams were curries…

Curry News

Spurs would be a popadom… gets everyone excited by them at the start but is never there at the end.
Southampton would be a Bombay Potato… no-one dislikes it and everyone else nicks the best potatoes.
Manchester United would be a Korma… a lot of people adore it but everyone else hates it.
Chelsea would be a Chicken Tikka Masala… there’s no denying it’s delicious but a lot of people say the dish only has recent history.
Manchester City would be a King Prawn Karahi… ridiculously expensive but it still doesn’t completely deliver the goods.
Leicester City would be a Jalfrezi… came from nowhere to become unexpectedly popular.
Arsenal would be a Fish Curry… one week it tastes great but the next week it’s rubbish.
West Ham would be a Phall… eat it and you’ll be forever blowing bubbles.
Sheffield United would be a Keema Muttar… underrated but a lot tastier than you think.
Aston Villa would be a Ceylon Curry… some older people remember when it was good.
Burnley would be a Tandoori Mixed Grill… ridiculously tough to eat.
Bournemouth would be Chicken Tikka starter… small but very impressive.
Liverpool would be a Biryani… a dish that takes for ever to come good but when it does it’s fantastic.
Everton would be a Basmati Rice… forever wanting to be as tasty as the Biryani.
Newcastle United would be a Vegetable Curry… a lot of people keep ordering it every week no matter how much it disappoints them.
Brighton would be a Bhoona… it’s ok if nothing else is on the menu at lunchtime.
Watford would be a Vindaloo… capable of causing an upset.
Wolves would be a Chicken 65… been around for years and still golden.
Crystal Palace would be a Sizzling Lamb… fans of it make a lot of noise considering the dish rarely does anything.
Norwich would be a kulfi… usually at the end of the menu.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com