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Your chicken tikka masala takeaway could soon be arriving at your door in a neat metal container rather a leaky plastic one. This follows news from the Asian Catering Federation serveimage.jpg(ACF) that they will be launching a nationwide Tiffin Club with reusable containers next year.

Tiffins are a set of interlocking metal containers with a carry handle and are widely used for transporting food in Indian cities and at railway stations along the country’s 40,000 miles of tracks. The ACF believes that takeaways in the UK can adopt their use here – with customers paying a small deposit for the first one they receive and swapping them on subsequent orders.

This follows a proposal from Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s to introduce a levy on single-use plastic packaging.

Yawar Khan, the Chairman of the Asian Catering Federation (ACF), which represent the interests of 35,000 restaurants and takeaways in the UK, said: “Tiffins, which will eliminate plastic waste and keep takeaways warm, are an ideal opportunity for restaurateurs to introduce smaller, sharing dishes, healthier options and authentic Indian dishes being demanded by customers.”

The packing on a typical family takeaway order costs the restaurant owner around 25p. Busy takeaway restaurants can spend £2,000 on single-use packaging in a year.

Curry lovers can nominate their favourite Asian restaurant and takeaway in the ACF’s Asian Restaurant Awards, being held in Manchester on 12 February, via the nomination form on the ACF website.

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