Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2012

The 2nd annual Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2012
in association with the Greenwich Visitor

Best restaurant:
Gurkha’s Inn
Highly commended: Mogul

Best takeaway: Le Popadom
Highly commended: Green Chillies

Best dish (traditional): Mehak (Chicken vindaloo)
Highly commended:  Gurkha’s Inn (Lamb biryani)

Best dish (innovative): Inde’licious (Curry pizza)
Highly commended: Coriander (Adha Diya)

Best service: Khan’s
Highly commended: Mehak

Best value: Darjeeling
Highly commended: Curry Garden

Special awards
Mogul (Curry and food pairing dinners)
National Maritime Museum (Curry and a pint dinners)

2 thoughts on “Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2012

  1. Brenda Pearce

    Hello Curry Club

    We have been going to the wonderful Curry Garden, Tranquil Vale, Blackheath for years. We were all set to go recently and dismayed to find it shut – with no explanation, any clues as to why ? We would love to know. Thank you.


    1. Hi there

      I’ve checked this out and the Curry Garden has closed for good. No idea as to why but the premises have been gutted and it will be turned into a wine bar! A big shame as this was one of the Curry Club’s favourites.


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