Royal curry facts and gossip


In 1390, at the behest of Richard II, a book called The Forme of Cury was compiled and published. Some argue the word is the pre-runner to the curry we know today.

Queen Victoria’s head clerk Abdul Karim introduced her to chicken curry and pilau rice (Victoria & Abdul, Shrabani Basu)

Queen Victoria once arrived at a curry contest on a horse. Well, at least her Manga character did.

Queen Elizabeth II wrote the foreword to a book by Tommy Miah who is dubbed ‘the curry king’ of Britain. He owns the famous Raj restaurant in Scotland.

Prince Edward loved chicken curry so much he asked it to be on the menu at Buckingham Palace every day for a month (

On Christmas Day Prince Harry joined the Ghurkhas in Gasmir, Helmand Province, Afghanistan as they slaughtered a goat for their traditional Christmas curry (The Sun, 3 March 2008).

Prince Harry liked his goat curries hot, with plenty of curry powder and chillies and ate them twice a week while serving In Afghanistan (Dail Mail, 31 Oct 2008)

A young boy asked Prince Harry what he thought he should put in a food parcel he was packing for the troops in Afghanistan. “Chicken Tikka Masala,” he was told. Apparently it was the Sainsbury’s ready meal he was after (The Sun, 11 Dec 2008).

Prince William and his party of 47 ran up a bill of £1,300 on a visit to Saffron Desi in York. The Prince had the £8 house special called Royal Delight (Daily Telegraph, 8 Feb 2008).

A Royal Coconut Curry Martini was one of the drinks served at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29 April 2011

Prince William joined the Greenwich Curry Club to give them Royal status on 4 April 2012.

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