Just like that

Fancy yourself as a curry king? Got questions? Garlic first or whole spices? Tinned tomatoes or fresh chopped tomatoes? Ren’s Kitchen, in Edgware, Middlesex, could be what you are looking for. With lessons from chefs who could cook up a spice storm in their sleep you can get one-on-one or group sessions to learn exactly how to get your curry dishes just right.

In the full day session you’ll get some practical info on spices (you know what they taste like raw?), plus a chance to cook a meat dish, a fish dish, a veg dish, rice, a starter, a dessert, rice and bread (Ren’s the Chappati Queen according to Sheila, my super knowledgable chef who is originally from Mumbai). Best of all you’ll be told along the way in each dish you are cooking, just how you can adapt it to create other dishes. So you might be learning Chicken Methi but you’ll also learn how to make a Madras, a Vindaloo or a Chicken Rogan at the same time.

Needless to say, you get to take all your food home as well, so it’s curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner for  a few days. Ok, if you insist…


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