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February 2010

The Mogul, Greenwich

Well, rock my soul. Drum roll please… Is this girls I see at the GCC monthly meeting? Does it mean a table full of butter chicken? Then I shall hit back with an equally male curry cliche and order a vindaloo. But hang on, butter chicken is the traditional Murgh Makhani version and the good old Vindy is not on the menu at the Moghul (we have returned by popular demand). The Mogul’s menu is what is called ‘authentic’, whatever that means.

What it means is that we all require pronunciation lessons from the (very friendly) waiter in the black-and-white-striped shirt. And another drum roll please… well done Mr Striped Shirt, it’s not often someone takes an order for about 25 dishes and remembers exactly who ordered what (even when those sitting around the table had forgotten when the food trolley rumbled around the corner).

What he didn’t bank on was Mary turning her Chicken Bhoona (ordered off menu so presumably vindaloo would be rustled up too if you asked) into a pizza with a paratha base. Blondes certainly having more fun.

Despite a brave effort from Val to make sure we didn’t order enough for 70 people instead of the seven who made it, the table buckled under the weight of dishes. Top four dishes were 1. Imli Machli (£8.90) which for those without their ‘authentic’ Indian dictionary is red snapper cooked with coriander, black pepper, tamarind and onions, Acharia Gosht (£8.75), roast lamb cooked in zesty pickles and the starters Paneer Saslick (£3.50), pictured above, and Hajari Murgh (£3.70), although the latter was swiftly renamed ‘the first thing on the menu’ by Dave.

Pronunciation problems, who needs them eh, Dave?

• Mogul, 10 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BJ. Tel: 020 8858-6790. Open: Mon-Fri 12.00-14.30, 18.00-23.30, Sat-Sun 12.00-23.30.

Mogul snapshot

Food ① ② ③ ④

Decor ① ② ③ ④ ⑤

Value ① ② ③

Atmosphere (Tuesday night) ① ② ③

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