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You can save 20% on curry every time you use the Spice Card – on dine-in and takeaways (including takeaways!)

The Spice Card is for lovers of spicy food, whether it’s Indian, Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese – and for just £15 a year you can enjoy savings at restaurants and takeaways across South East London – from Greenwich to Blackheath, Lewisham to Charlton, New Cross, Grove Park, Bexleyheath and the Isle of Dogs.

You will enjoy the savings for dine-in and takeaways (including deliveries) at most venues. You can use the Spice Card as many times as you like during the year.

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First you buy your Spice Card for £15. Then you enjoy a curry at one of our partner restaurants or takeaways. Your bill will include a 20% discount on your food. Repeat for a year…

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To see which restaurant and takeaways offer the Spice Card discount head check out the website.

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Greenwich Curry Awards 2017 (Winners photo gallery)

Curry News

Favourite Restaurant: Darjeeling (Lewisham)
Restaurant Offering Outstanding Value: Darjeeling (Lewisham)

Favourite Specialist Takeaway: Mogul Home Dining (Trafalgar Road, Greenwich)

Restaurant Offering Outstanding Service and Friendliness: Mountain View (Greenwich)

Greenwich Curry Club Special Awards for outstanding main dish Langtang Lamb:
Royal Nepalese (Westcombe Park)

Blackheath (Royal Nepalese)

1. Reviews (London)

Royal Nepalese, SE3

There really is very little going on commercially as you come out of Westcombe Park Station – and yet two spice restaurants have continued to operate in this little parade for years. And the reason is quite simple: they are both rather good. Coriander (that’s the one on the right as you exit the station) is well known but make no mistake, the Royal Nepalese, which has been operating since 2004, has plenty of its own fans.

The restaurant was packed on the night the Curry Club visited and with good reason because the food is excellent. So much so that one member declared that his choice was the best curry he had for years (he had the Langtang Lamb, £8.50, by the way). And considering this particular member would be described by Blackadder as the grumpiest Mr Grumpy from Grumpy Street in Grumpy Town this is some compliment.Needless to say, a range of Nepalese dishes dominate to chef’s recommendations such as the well-known green herb lamb dish Nepalese Khutta (£8.50) and the Royal Mismass Karahi (£8.50), an interesting combination of barbequed chicken, lamb, sheek kebab and prawns.

Other thumbs up go must to the large Prawn Puri starter (£5.95) which could be enough for a dinner for some people and the tender Squid starter, while the Chicken Chilli Dry Fry (£8.50) was delicious. As the name suggest, it’s not for those who like their meat smothered in sauce but with a beautiful coating of marinade the chicken is delicious and set off beautifully with chunks of pepper and onion. Needlesss to say it had friends on my table reaching across for a taste of something just a little bit different to the old-school favourites.

Royal Nepalese, 2–4 Station Cres, Blackheath, SE3 7EQ. Tel: 020 8269 0505. E-mail: Open: daily 5.30pm – 11pm.

Scores on the tandoors
Food 8.5
Service and friendliness 9
Decor 8
Vibe 8 (Tuesday night)
Value 8.5

All bar wonderful

1. Reviews (London)

The Coriander, Westcombe Park, London SE3

Anyone who has to get off at Westcombe Park each day must run the curry gauntlet. On the left is the Royal Nepalese (the Greenwich Phantom’s favourite I hear) and on the right is Coriander. It must be nearly impossible to pass the fantastic spice smells without popping in on the way home. I’d never make it home, I know that.

The Corinader has a great little bar and a nice sized waiting area for anyone who does get sucked in to the right hand side to pick up a takeaway. You can’t blame other restaurants for maximising their seating space but most waiting areas are bit naff to say the least, usually consisting of the table where the boss does his accounts in the day. As for a bar, well, that’s an absolute bonus.

Try to get your hands on a takeaway menu before you go because there are discount vouchers on the front (£3 off for orders over £30 and £5 off for orders over £40) and these apply for eat in (reserve your table first) or takeaways. What a great idea.

A great way to get going is with the vegetarian starter Hara Kebab (£3.50), a lovely combination of spinach, potatoes, cottage cheese and cashew nuts. Think Onion Bhaji but nicer.

Classic dishes come in at around £5.50 (Lamb Madras, Chicken Vindaloo) and £6.50 (Lamb Balti, Chicken Dansak). But the chef’s recommendations offer some interesting alternatives, many of which you may not have tried before. For a touch of heat try Adha Diya (£7.50), chicken or lamb cooked with plenty of ginger and garlic in a cream and coconut sauce. It’s milder cousin Aam Diya comes with mango and sultanas.

Then back to the bar methinks.

The Coriander, 1A-3 Station Crescent, Westcombe Park, Blackheath SE3 &EQ. Tel: 020 8858 6818/7878. Open: Mon-Sat 5pm-11pm, Sun 1pm-10.30pm.

The Coriander snapshot

Food ① ② ③

Decor ① ② ③

Value ① ② ③

Atmosphere (early on Wednesday night) ① ②

Service and friendliness ① ② ③

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