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 The Vista, Nairobi, Kenya

There are great views of the Kenyan capital from this seventh floor restaurant in the vibey area of Westlands. Large glass panels offer diners about 180 degree span of the city as they enjoy their curry.

As the Vista serves as the Hotel Emerald’s restaurant and bar there are different cuisines on the menu, but strictly speaking this is a curry restaurant and it welcomes a lot of locals and visitors who aren’t staying at the hotel.

Considering the chefs do have to cater for different tastes there is decent line up in the Indian section, with no less than 20 starters and 34 main dishes, not to mention naans and rice. Vegetarians are particularly well catered for, with a host of tasty sounding dishes, including the lively looking Dynamite Paneer Pops (Ksh600).

If in doubt keep it simple, so I opted for a Chicken Malai Kebab (Ksh800), a butter naan (Ksh100) and pickles. The chicken was tender and as the juice oozed out of delicately charing you you could taste the tandoor at work, while the coriander and crunchy salad provided the perfect fresh complement. Wrapped up in soft naan and topped off with some spicy pickle it makes for a great lunch.


Chicken Malai Kebab with butter naan.

The Vista (at the Hotel Emerald), 7th Floor, Krishna Centre, Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 (0)716 228 302. Open: daily noon–3pm and 6pm–10.30pm.

The exchange rate at the time of the visit was £1 = Ksh153, $1 = Ksh100.

The scores on the tandoors

Food 8

Decor 6

Vibe 3 (Saturday lunchtime)

Service and friendliness 8

Value 9

Recipe… Kuku Wa Kupaka (Swahili Chicken)




Kuku Wa Kupaka (Swahili Chicken)
Serves 6

What you need

• 30g cumin powder
• 15g turmeric powder
• 30g cardamon powder
• 15g chopped garlic
• 15g chopped ginger
• 1l coconut milk
• 500ml yoghurt
• 30ml lemon juice
• 1kg chicken thighs and legs
• 100g chopped onions
• 20ml corn oil

For the garnish

• 100g chopped onions
• One tomato cut into small cubes
• A small handful of chopped coriander
• A pinch of parsley


How to cook it

1. Mix 15g cumin, 7.5g turmeric, 15g cardamon, 7.5g chopped garlic, 7.5g chopped ginger, 150g coconut milk, 250ml yoghurt and 20ml lemon juice and coat the chicken with the mixture to marinate. Set aside for two to three hours.

2. When the chicken has marinated arrange the pieces on an oven tray, making sure they are all well coated with the mixture. Preheat the oven to 180 C and cook the chicken for 25 minutes. Checked that all the pieces are cooked through.

3. Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the onion and stir in the rest of the cumin, turmeric, chopped garlic, chopped ginger, coconut milk and 10ml of lemon juice. Reduce the sauce to half its original quantity then add the rest of the yoghurt and let it boil for one minute

4. Add in the chicken pieces and heat through.

5. Add the garnish and serve with rice and chapatti.

• Recipe courtesy of Dominic Keya, chef at the Hilton, Nairobi, Kenya.