Curry joke 22


How should an Indian takeaway always answer the phone?

“Aloo, can I take your order?”

Starters orders

1. Reviews (London)

Bhaji, London E14 (Takeaway)

Established in 1997, this friendly Isle of Dogs takeaway serves up decent takeaway food from a great menu. Bhaji‘s Chicken Benjal (£4.95) caught my eye straight away. Jalfrezi lovers would enjoy this dish of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and chillies, although a bit more oomph in the heat level would have been welcomed.

The Mushroom rice (£2.25) was generous with its spices and mushrooms, but best of all was very tasty. The Uri Bhaji (£2.65) was slightly soft by the time we’d got it home, but with light spicing and chopped onions, these green beans make an interesting alternative to the usual veg side dishes. All veg dishes can be bumped up to main portions for a pound extra.

Elsewhere there are some very decent offerings on the menu. It’s not difficult to see why this place has been around for 18 years. There is a healthy options sections (such as Salmon Shashlik for £8.95), some Salads and Dips from £2.50, and, unusually for a takeaway, a decent selection of desserts.

There are also some set meals – and not the usual line up most places offer. For instance, the Staff’s Favourite for One includes Dallier Bora, Naga Chicken, Tarka Dal, Rice, Roti, Rice and Mint Sauce (£10.95).

Then there are Indian Style Noodles (from £4.95), a range of Sag Baltis and Naga Baltis (from £5.95) and Shatkora Doner Kebabs (the mind boggles) as well as the usual curry favourites from £4.45.

There will be return visits. I might even have a lassi (yes, they do these as well).


Takeaway essentials
on-street parking.
Delivery: free within three miles for minimum orders over £10.
Specials: 10% discount on orders over £12 collected. Free bottle of Coke or side dish with orders over £18.
Beer while you’re waiting: The Ship pub is just over the road.

Bhaji, 6 Chapel House Street, London, E14 3AS. Tel: 020 7531 6166/7. Open: Mon–Sat 5.30pm–11.30pm.

Scores on the tandoors

Food 7

Waiting area  8.5

Value 7

Service and friendliness 9

Curry base-ics

1. Reviews (London)

The Greenwich Curry Club always like to check out new curry venues so we were delighted to be the very first customer at Balti Base, the name chosen by the new owners of the takeaway at 106 Blackheath Road. Previously Curry to Go, and before that Medina, they have some tough competition with Le Popadom, Indelicious, Green Chillies and Chutney all close.

But the young owners have a spark that makes me believe they could thrive. A smiley, friendly service (I was number one customer after all…) goes a long way, but you’re going to love the prices even more. Old-school curries like Bhuna, Rogan and so on come in at £3.75 for chicken and 50p more for lamb, while you can sample specials like Chicken Honey Khany (nuts and sultana in a sweet yoghurt sauce) for £5.25 or the King Prawn Special with mushrooms for £6.25.

Parking: on the side streets off Blackheath Road.

Delivery: free on orders over £12 although the menu doesn’t specify which areas this covers.

Specials: free Bombay Potato on orders over £15 that are collected.

Beer while you’re waiting: the Graduate is over the road.

Balti Base, 106 Blackheath Road, London, SE10 8DA. Tel: 020 8692 2423. Open: daily 5.30pm–11pm.


The scores on the tandoors

Food 7

Waiting area 6

Value 8

Let me present the Taste of India

4. Takeaways

Taste of India, Brough, Humberside

It’s not often the presentation of a takeaway is the first thing to strike you. But the Taste of India has superb menus, with an easy-to read layout and loads of silver printing (got to love it), the waiting area is pleasant (comfy couches and you can watch the cooking going on in the back), then, when the food is opened up at home you see the chef has added a nice presentation touch with the tomatoes in the corner and a sprinkle of fresh coriander on top. Presentation is not the deal breaker, I’ll admit, but the food is top-notch; the Keema Raj (£6.90) was deliciously meaty and with plenty of potatoes, just how I like it. And the Chicken Biryani (£6.90) also got the thumbs up.

The service was very friendly and this clearly attracts people from all over the local area judging from the chats as people caught up with news while waiting. You’d be hard-pressed not to find something you like as this is one of the most extensive menus I’ve seen. All the old-school classics are available (Chicken Madras £4.90), along with Tandoori dishes (full chicken £9.50), Biryanis, Baltis (prawn £6.20), Jalfrazis (beef £6.20) but there are also nan kebab meals (nan, meat and salad from £5.90), Passanda, Rossoon, Shanaz, Rezalla, and Koriah dishes, Balti Massalas, as well as large range of specials and the usual range of sides, breads and rices. The lime pickle tax was 70p for a small pot.

photo copy

Parking: a few spaces in the drive through area right outside.
Delivery: for orders of £7.50 or more (charge applies).
Specials: set meal specials.
Beer while you’re waiting: the Red Hawk pub is a few minutes walk away.
Waiting time: was about 25 minutes from the time of order.

Taste of India, 57c Welton Road, Brough, Humberside, HU15 1AB. Tel: 01482 668406. Open: Sun–Thur 4.30pm–10.30pm, Fri–Sat 4.30pm–11pm.

Scores on the tandoors

Food 7⃣

Waiting area 7⃣

Value 7⃣

Service and friendliness 8⃣

Lucky curry dip

4. Takeaways

Mirchi, London, E14

Ah, what to do when you collect your takeaway, only to open it up at home and discover they haven’t given you exactly what you ordered? In honesty it didn’t make too much difference when I discovered one of the dishes from Mirchi was a Chicken Dopiaza instead of a Chicken Rogan (both £5.25)  because I like them both. I certainly wasn’t going back. But on a previous visit I’d had an extra rice I hadn’t ordered (and I definitely wasn’t going back that time) so this was fast becoming a lucky-dip curry place for me.

The food at this good old neighbourhood curry place is pretty decent anyway. Tucked away in a little arcade just off the Westferry Road it wouldn’t be the easiest place to stumble across. And although there are quite a few cafeteria-style tables this looks more takeaway than restaurant.

Recommended dishes are Chicken Bemisal (at £6.20, a sort of extra hot Dansak thanks to the green chillies) and Chicken Tikka Green Chilli Bhuna (£6.20) a bit of a mouthful in all senses.

Parking: along Westferry Road.
Delivery: free within three miles for minimum orders of £10.
Specials: 10% discount on collected takeaway orders over £10 (excluding set meals).
Beer while you’re waiting: The Tooke is a few metres away.
Waiting time: was about 15-20 minutes from the time of order.

Mirchi, 7 The Quarterdeck (off Westferry Road), Poplar, London, E14 8SH. Tel: 020 7515 7171. Open: Sun-Thurs 6pm-11.30pm, Fri-Sat 5.30pm-midnight.

Mirchi snapshot

Food 6⃣

Waiting area 5⃣

Value 6⃣

Service and friendliness 5⃣

Takeaway time

4. Takeaways

Chondona, Liphook, Hampshire

It says a lot about our times that the village of Liphook has more curry outlets than pubs (at least for now as one of them is being renovated after a fire). Chondona is the old favourite, having been here for years and it is the only one in the village itself (the other two, a Nepalese and a takeaway are in the new bit further down the old A3).

It advertises itself as serving contemporary Bangladeshi cuisine, although it serves the usual range of dishes from all the old-school favourites to tandoori and everything in between.

The front part of the restaurant was full (there is a side overflow area as well) early on a Saturday night and from what I saw the takeaway side of the business is thriving as well. People collecting their food can either stand at the small bar or take a seat at a table that has been set aside for them near the bar. It’s a perfectly pleasant place to have a draught Kingfisher or bottle of Bud (£2.05) but is maybe a bit too close to those dining and might make some a bit uncomfortable. It’s never nice to feel like you’re gate crashing someone’s big night out, them all dressed up and you with overcoat and scarf and a bottled beer to while away the time. Yes, yes, I know I could ring up and order in advance but I never do. Imagine – horror – if it was ready when I arrived? Then I wouldn’t have an excuse for ordering a beer…

The potato in the Aloo Gobi (£2.55) was a bit over-cooked and crumbly but the Chicken Rogan (£4.95) was delicious, with the amount of tomato spot on (i.e. loads of it) and, joy oh joy, the chicken was not in those over-perfect cubes that some restaurants insist on dishing up. There, in the tasty thick sauce and coated in the juicy toms were great big piece of chicken, not uniform, and not looking processed. I mopped it up with a Keema nan (£1.95).

Parking: large car park at Hungry Horse pub opposite or a smaller one at the back.
Delivery: free within six miles for minimum orders of £15 (last orders 10pm).
Specials: 10% discount on collected takeaway orders over £10.
Beer while you’re waiting: Chondona is a fully licensed restaurant or the Hungry Horse pub is opposite.
Waiting time: was about 15-20 minutes from the time of order.

Chondona, 15 The Square, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7AB. Tel: 01428 724201 or 722095. Open: daily noon–2p.30m, 6pm–11.30pm.

Chondona snapshot

Food 6⃣

Waiting area 4⃣

Value 8⃣

Service and friendliness 8⃣

They sell what?

4. Takeaways

Spice Grill, Greenwich, SE10

They do good fried chicken in the Spice Grill. In fact, that’s all I thought they did (along with pizzas and cans of Coke). But if can somehow resist chunks of chicken that have been soaked in hot fat and covered in breadcrumbs you’ll find a decent curry after 5.30pm. Just ask for the curry menu as you enjoy the English caff environment.

On it you’ll find some interesting dishes such as Courgette Prawns (£5.75) and Lal Kadoo (£3.95), a spicy dish made with diced pumpkin. Old-school favourites such as Madras start at a very well-priced £3.95 (chicken or lamb), rising to £6.50 (king prawn) with a few pennies more for dishes such as Methi and Pathia.

Pistachio Chicken (£5.50) is a creamy dish in the korma style but the pistachios give an stronger nutty taste than the almonds used in korma. And, joy, my new favourite, chillies in the creamy sauce. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. If you can’t find it in your local just ask them or buy a korma and throw a few chillies into it. Cream with bite. Add to your takeaway some lemon rice (£2.20) and garlic nan (£1.75).

Beats fried chicken any day.

Parking: on-street parking along Trafalgar Road.
Delivery: free for minimum orders of £10.
Specials: 10% discount on takeaways colllected. Free side dish if you spend £15 and free bottle of Coke if you spend £20.
Beer while you’re waiting: Hardy’s, a good old local pub is opposite.

Spice Grill, 101 Trafalgar Road, London, SE10 9TS. Tel: 020 8293 5211 or 020 8858 4434. Open: curry menu daily 5.30pm–1am.

Spice Grill snapshot

Food ① ② ③

Waiting area  ①

Value ① ② ③ ④

Service and friendliness ① ② ③

Turning up the heat

4. Takeaways

Chirag, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

The way the chef cooked my Chicken Dopiaza (€7.50) in Chirag reminded me of dishes I’ve seen being cooked in India. The open kitchen makes it possible to marvel at how the ingredients are added to the high-heat pan so it seems as if they are flash cooked – although there was no rush here, the dish taking 20 minutes so it was certainly fresh.

This was a rich, and tasty dopiaza with a good amount of ‘double onions’ as the dish describes but not the overload you get in the British Indian restaurant (BIR) style of cooking most of us are used to. This had more depth and richness and the onions emerged in the dish rather than simply swamping it. Who hasn’t ordered a dopiaza and felt that it’s simply a curry with some onions tossed in at the end? Not here.

Add in the multi-coloured pilau rice (€2.95) which seems to be a favourite in these parts, and a chapatti (€1.50) and you’ve got a decent-priced takeaway to enjoy on your apartment balcony while looking at the sea.

Other: free popadum with the menu leaflet.

Delivery: free home delivery on orders over €30.

Beer while you’re waiting: Fully licensed if you want a beer here or there are loads of bars nearby.

Chirag, C/Roque Nublo, 15, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote. Tel: +34 928 51 29 47.

Chirag snapshot

Food ① ② ③ ④

Waiting area  ① ②

Value ① ② ③ ④

Service and friendliness ① ② ③ ④

Three new cheers

4. Takeaways

Saaki, Liss, Hampshire

It takes a brave restaurateur to run an Indian virtually opposite a much-publicised competitor. But despite being in the shadow of the renowned Madhuban, the neighbouring Saaki continues to serve this small Hampshire village with good food.

Assuming it doesn’t just survive off the overflow of people from up the road, which is unlikely, it must be doing something right to have been here for a number of years.

One thing it offers, if its menu is to be believed, is an astonishing range of ‘New’ dishes on its menu. No fewer than 32 of the items on the menu are flagged as such  and these certainly include some interesting dishes such as the delightfully named Chot Poti starter –a mix of chick peas, yellow lentils and potatoes cooked in lemon juice and spices – and the Lamb Tropical Mango using a blend of hot spices and mango chutney.

Ah, when in Rome… First up in the new stakes is the Chicken Napalize (£7.95) a sort of less-cloying version of butter chicken with peppers and onions, delivered with the most uniform strips of chicken I’ve ever had in a curry. This I had with new garlic rice (£2.95). No holding back on the garlic here, so much so that I could sense the wild village snails slithering for cover as I strolled home. All good so far, but there in the new side dishes I found it: Tuk Baigon (£3.25), the best aubergine dish ever. Mushy, but a good mushy, the aubergine is marinated in lemon juice and the tanginess just worked perfectly with the creamy chicken and rice. Three cheers for new.

Aubergine genius

So once ordered it’s time for a pint of Cobra while waiting (I never can understand people who ring ahead so they don’t have to wait) while reading the papers in the waiting area which has been screened off nicely so you feel as if you are in the restaurant without intruding into the evening of other diners.

Parking: on-street parking along Station Road.
Delivery: free within five miles for minimum orders of £10.
Specials: 10% discount on takeaways.
Beer while you’re waiting: Saaki is a fully licensed restaurant or the Whistle Stop pub is a short walk away.

Saaki, 73 Station Road, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 7AD. Tel: 01730 895455. Open: daily noon–2pm, 5.30pm–11.30pm (midnight Fri–Sat).

Saaki snapshot

Food ① ② ③

Waiting area  ① ② ③

Value ① ② ③ ④

Service and friendliness ① ② ③ ④

Calling 999 Yoghurt Rescue

2. Reviews (Other UK)

Ashoka Shak, Livingston (Takeaway)
Review by Plummy Mummy

Well, after an afternoon walking in the local country park, I persuaded Mr Plummy Mummy that I was just too tired to cook (hand on brow, lots of sighs going on). Curry in Scotland is a serious affair and restaurants up here often win national awards, so expectations are always high. So far my experiences have been limited to take outs and the odd meal in Dundee. In fact, hubby proposed to me in Dil Se – a Dundee restaurant. Don’t groan… he had wanted to go to an Italian but I was dying for a curry that night. Mind you, we had spent the day beside the river Tay in beautiful Scottish sunshine and he had had the ring in his pocket. So raspberries to him.

Anyhoo, after seven months of being in Scotland again, I thought it was about time we had curry that I hadn’t made. We decided to order a takeaway from Ashoka Shak in Livingston, which is part of a chain of 14 restaurants, most of which are in Glasgow. You can even buy a cookbook for the meals they serve!  We went to the one in Dundee last year for our wedding anniversary (can you see a theme to my wedding related adventures?). A quick meal before going to the cinema across the car park. That meal was fine but spicy. I had a paneer dish – a little strange in that there was no veg in the meal so it ended up being a bit too cloying.

It seems they have had some feedback on the paneer dish as their menu offering called Paneer Pardesi now includes spinach and mushroom so I ordered it as a main (£6.95). I also wanted a masala dosa as a side (£3.95) but they had run out, which either means the dosas are really good, or the restaurant don’t make enough. I chose a jodhpuri samosa instead (£3.25)

Hubby went for Lamb Jalpuri (£7.95) as his main. The order was completed with pilau rice each (£2.25) and a nan (£2.25). At the moment the Livingston branch is running an offer where you can order a curry then get a second one for £1.

The delivery took about half an hour, which was a reasonable time, and the food arrived very hot. The portions were quite large and I was pleased that the pilau rice was more natural brown looking then the normal multi-coloured affair you get in restaurants. We dished out the food and started to tuck in. The samosa had a potato and pea filling with the thicker crust found in Punjabi cuisine. I liked the taste of coriander seeds but was glad of the accompanying mint sauce as it was spicy. Hubby had half and left the rest.

Jodhpuri somasa (top) and Paneer Pardesi

I should have covered my tongue in the mint sauce before tucking into the main, which IMHO was ridiculously spicy. Unfortunately it also didn’t look very appealing as the vegetables were mushed up. I am not sure spinach and mushroom is a good mix now.  The paneer pieces were big though, which is a plus. Luckily I had some plain yogurt in the fridge and doused my meal in that. I am also glad we only paid a £1 for it as I’d have been a bit miffed if we had paid full price for it.

Now for the picky bit – the pilau rice had a chalky starchy taste which usually happens when basmati rice hasn’t been rinsed enough prior to cooking. A Turkish mate of mine never washes her rice but I like the taste of her cooking so I forgive her. However, as I was in major critical mode, the pilau wasn’t good enough and again we left a lot of it uneaten.

Lamb Jalpuri with pilau rice

Mr Plummy Mummy said his meal was also spicy (like the one he had had in Dundee). Now here is where he and I differ, and as we have now had two meals from Ashoka Shak that were too spicy, I would never order from them again. He’s more fair and would try another dish. However, that will be a long time in the future, as for now we are going to try some of the other restaurants in and around Livingston first.

Delivery: £1.50 to £3.00. We paid £1.50 and it arrived within half an hour.

Specials: Check website as they have a lot of offers on.

Ashoka Shak, Livingston McArthurglen Designer Outlet, EH54 6QX. Tel: 01506 416622 or 417799. Open: daily noon-10.30pm. Home delivery 5pm-10pm.

Ashoka Shak snapshot

Food ① ②

Delivery service ① ② ③

Value ① ② ③ (only because we had the special offer, or it would be ② )

Service and friendliness ① ② ③

All change for the drunks

4. Takeaways

Simply Indian, Aldershot (Takeaway) UPDATE

Since my last visit Simply Indian has become a takeaway because “we can’t continue to deal with the hassle and the drunks.” Very sad because when it was a BYO and I was told enthusiastically, “we just want to concentrate on good food,” this was a great little restaurant.

The guys in charge are still friendly but there is a sense they’ve lost heart. Seeing a shell of what was a nice friendly restaurant is a bit sad and although the space means the waiting area is large, as it would if you convert a restaurant into a takeaway, it feels a bit ramshackle. Shame on you hassle people and drunks.

The basic Chicken Rogan (£5.95) and Pilao Rice (£2.30) was decent enough but this is no longer a place you’d go out of your way to visit.

• Simply Indian, 14-16 Station Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1HT. Tel: 01252 330 070 or 01252 336 667. Open: Daily 5.30pm-11pm.

Simply Indian snapshot

Food ① ②

Waiting area ① ②

Value ① ② ③

Service and friendliness ① ② ③ ④

Spiced out waiting

4. Takeaways

Khan’s, Liverpool

In a snap survey of friends and Twitter people most people seem to think if you order an Indian to be delivered you should get it within 45 minutes. So Khan’s effort of an hour and 10 minutes to deliver four dishes just over a mile falls way short. Even if we’re understanding and realize it’s a Saturday night it’s still a long wait.

One of our party fell asleep waiting while another resorted to pacing the room like a caged animal in need of a spice fix.

Of course, when you’re hungry, no-one pays too much attention to the food quality but I can report that the Chicken Jalfriezi (£5.20) was certainly extra spicy as requested, the Chicken Pathia (£5.20) sauce was a bit watery but had that balance of sweet and sour and although the Chicken Tikka Biryani (£5.90) looked as good as any biryani I’ve ever seen the tikka taste was missing from the meat.

All in all, it filled a hole on a Saturday night but not much more sadly. I really must stop ordering from places that also sell doners and pizzas…

Delivery: free within three miles for minimum orders of £9. The food arrived 70 minutes after the order was taken.

Specials: 10% discount on delivery orders over £30 and a 10% discount for orders that are collected. Free Onion Bhaji for orders over £10 which are collected.

Khan’s, 52 Walton Vale, Liverpool L9 2BU Tel: 0151 530 4920. Open: Daily 4.30pm–late.

Khan’s snapshot

Food ① ②

Delivery service ① ②

Value ① ② ③

Service and friendliness ① ② ③

Greenwich Curry Club Awards 2011. Vote now!


Click here to take survey

Curry and doner meat

4. Takeaways

Tandoori Nites, London E14

If you fancy a curry and your mate wants a doner then this is the part of London for you. Always makes me wary when a food place attempts to be everything to everyone but there’s so much competition round here a lot of takeaways seem to serve everything from curry to kebabs to pizza. Most are curry places at heart though, thank goodness.

The Chicken Dhansak (£4.70) is tasty enough and there’s certainly some kick to the Garlic Chilli Chicken (£7.25) but both sauces were on the watery side and required a bit of soaking up with the Mushroom Rice (£2.40). Not bad though, all in all, for an end-of-night curry.

The specials on the front of the menu are certainly worth checking out as they offer a range of Indian goodies at good prices. How about the Meal for Two with two popadoms, Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Kurma, Lamb Madras, Chicken Tikka Massala, Bombay Potato, Mushroom Bhaji, two Pilau Rice, nan bread, mint sauce, onion salad and lettuce salad. Not bad at £25.95. Because I love you I’ve done the sums and that’s £6.50 cheaper than ordering that lot individually.

Parking: on East India Dock Road and side streets.

Delivery: free within four miles for minimum orders of £10. Food was ready quickly for collection.

Specials: free onion salad with all orders and 10% discount on all orders over £10. Get free Bombay Potato or Tarka Dall if you spend £16-£29.99, plus a two-litre soft drink if you spend over £30.

Beer while you’re waiting: the nearest pub is the sparse George IV down Ida Street or the Greenwich Pensioner is five minutes away down Bazely Street.

Tandoori Nites, 235 East India Dock Road, London, E14 OEG. Tel: 020 7531 4331/4332. Open: daily noon–midnight). 

Tandoori Nites snapshot

Food ① ②

Waiting area: ① ②

Value ① ② ③

Service and friendliness ① ② ③ ④

New (ish) takeaway


Moghul, SE10

It’s been there a bit now, but for those who have missed it the Moghul, well known as the only Indian restaurant in central Greenwich, have opened a takeaway version where the Bombay Bicycle Club used to be. Find it at 192 Trafalgar Road, Se10 9TZ. Tel: 020 8858 1500. Open: Mon–Sat 5pm-10.30pm, Sun 5pm-10pm (last orders 20 mins before closing). Free delivery for orders of £15 and more.

From the north

4. Takeaways

Royal Spice, Docklands, London

Fed up with the usual? When you’ve had your fill of Chicken Madras, Prawn Bhuna and Lamb Dupiaza for your Friday night takeaway give Royal Spice’s Gosht e Nobabi (£7.95) a try.

The North Indian dish is not found on too many menus, which is what makes it all the more appealing, and the tender lamb comes beautifully infused with the whole spices it’s been cooked in and is topped with soft pieces of green pepper. It’s got a deep, rich taste and is hot, but not too hot, so will appeal to a wide-range of curry lovers. The strong flavour is not too disimilar to a Rougan Josht that’s been traditonally cooked with whole spices (as opposed to the ‘fried-up with lots of tomatoes’ variety that’s served in most restaurants).

The highly recommended Gosht e Nobabi (right) and Balti Chicken Tikka

Plain rice (£1.75) would be a good choice to go with the dish so as not to detract from its flavours but those after a bit more from their side dishes could do worse than Mushroom Piloa Rice (£2.25).

But curry man cannot live on experimentation alone and Balti Chicken Tikka (£6.95), which comes with a nan, ensures you’ve get a decent portion of old-school tastes. The chicken is well cooked and the tandoori flavour doesn’t get drowned out by the sauce, although this may have a bit of an overload of onions for some tastes.

A nice move from Royal Spice is to offer two sizes of their vegetable side dishes (£2.50 for small and £4.25 for large). Too often you can fancy a couple of side dishes but find it sends the overall cost soaring. The small option is ideal for a couple of tasters. Niramish, mixed fresh vegetables in a dryish sauce and with a kick from green chillis, is to be recommended.

Parking: on West India Dock Road, Gill Street, Three Colt Street, St Anne Street or Burdett Road.

Delivery: free within five miles for minimum orders of £10. The receipt shows the food went out 40 minutes after the order was taken.

Specials: 10% discount on delivery orders over £30 and a 10% discount for orders that are collected. Free bottle of soft drink on delivery orders over £20.

Beer while you’re waiting: Royal Spice is a fully licensed restaurant so no problem with a beer if you are collecting your takeaway.

Royal Spice, 815 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HG. Tel: 020 7536 9902. Open: Mon–Fri 5pm–midnight, Fri and Sat 5pm–12.30am). Text: 07950 271 024 or 07588 833 555. Online orders:

Royal Spice snapshot

Food ① ② ③ ④

Delivery service ① ② ③ ④

Value ① ② ③ ④

Service and friendliness ① ② ③ ④

Royal Spice on Urbanspoon

Le curry

4. Takeaways

Le Popadom, Greenwich

Although there’s no apparent reason for the touch of French (menu includes Le Traditional Dishes and Le Tandoori Grills) this takeaway has quickly established itself as one of the best in the area.

Prices are very good (Chicken Madras £4.15, King Prawn Pathia £8.15, Sag Aloo £2.85), food tasty, service is quick (10-15 minutes) and staff friendly. The waiting area is small but smart. And a round of applause for whoever designed the menu; it’s not often takeaway menu will catch your eye, but this handy sized one is smart and classy.

One day you’ll be telling your children of the days when you could get dinner – Chicken Rogan (£4.50), Pilau Rice (£1.95), Keema Nan (£2.05), some Lime Pickle (65p) and a can of Coke (70p) – and still come home with change from a tenner.

Parking: on Greenwich South Street.

Delivery: free within three miles for orders over £10.

Beer while you’re waiting? it might be a bit down-at-heel for some but The Graduate is on the corner opposite.

Le Popadom, 141 Greenwich South Street, London. Tel: 020 8692 6686. Open: daily 5pm-11pm.

Le Popadom snapshot

Food ① ② ③

Waiting area ① ② ③ ④

Value ① ② ③ ④

Service and friendliness ① ② ③ ④

Le Popadom on Urbanspoon

Real tasty

4. Takeaways

Tasty Hut, Dublin, Ireland

One of many cheap-and-cheerful takeaway places along this strip, which is about a 15-minute walk from the centre. It’s worth the walk as the prices plummet as you head away from tourist central to the locals’ hangouts. This place also offers a ‘eat all you can buffet’ (€5.99) out back on a few tables but is essentially a takeaway place.

Delivery: daily 5pm to midnight (1am on Fri and Sat)

Specials: Rice/naan or chips with any main course, 1.5 litre Coke or 7up, poppadoms, mint sauce and onion dip free when you spend more than €50.

Tasty Hut, 61 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Tel: +34 1 8733 756. Open: noon to 4am.

Tasty Hut snapshot

Food ① ② ③

Waiting area ①

Value ① ② ③

Service and friendliness ① ② ③

Half-price offer no. 2

Curry News

The recently opened Greenwich Tandoori Takeaway  is offering 50% off between 1-7 November if you are collecting your food.

There is free delivery within a four-mile radius for orders over £8 (plus a free papadum), while if you spend over £15 you’ll get a vegetable side dish thrown in as well.

Dishes include Salmon Sashlick (£6.95), Prawn Chilli Masala (£5.95), Fish Rangila (£5.95) and Tawa Lamb (£5.95), while old-time favourites such as Chicken Madras, Prawn Vindaloo and Meat Dupiaza are keenly priced at £3.60, £4.50 and £3.95 respectively.

Greenwich Tandoori (44 Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 0JU. Tel: 020 8858 9559/9998).Open: daily 17.30-23.30 (23.00 Sunday)

Half-price offer no.1


Monsoon in New Cross are running a special of half-price food and drinks for ‘a limited period only’ (which they don’t specify) when dining in. If you’re after a takeaway you need to get your hands on one of their £5 off curry vouchers (when spending £20) to add to your free delivery and free onion salad.

Specialities include Chicken or Lamb Tikka Zala Masala (£5.95), Prawn Makhani (£5.65), Lamb Tikka Badami Pasanda (£5.85) and Tandoori King Prawn Masala (£7.85).

Monsoon (338 New Cross Road, New Cross, London SE14 6AG. Tel: 020 8692 1588). Opening hours: daily 17.30-midnight.