Meeting (April 2010)


And so after much hand-wringing and talk of wild adventures to venues across the river (‘head East young man!’) the GCC has settled for the safety of home  (‘There’s no place like home, eh Dorothy?) And so the Taste of India (43 Greenwich Church St, Greenwich, SE10 9BL) gets the nod on Wednesday 21st April.

5 thoughts on “Meeting (April 2010)

  1. Hey what happened? Did you go. I was really looking forward to reading your reviews.
    Also are you going to come to Plumstead and try a few of the curry houses here?

    1. Hey Plummy!

      We are back! World Cup football got in the way for a couple of months. Would love to check out somewhere down your way, where do your recommend?

  2. Hello!
    So glad to see you back as I enjoy reading your reviews. I’m sorry to say that my experience of indian / nepalese in Plumstead is limited to the odd takeaway and the Spice Island on Plumstead Common Road.
    I’ve just checked on the greenwich Food Hygience award database and the Spice Island doesn’t have a certificate. I wouldn’t recommend it anyway as the food is average.
    I was going to suggest you do a recce on the Danphe Rodhighar Club that’s just opened on Walmer Terrace, just by the station. It took over an old pub. But again, no hygiene award 🙁
    Having said that, the Kerala Zone doesn’t have one so I can see the GCC are a rather adventurous lot!

  3. Ah just thought if you are willing to travel… you really should try some of these in London:
    the Punjab which is in Neals Yard, covent garden. I honestly cannot recommend it enough and the food is complimented by the almost laconic nature of the owners.
    Brilliant in Southall – my meat eating buddies by their butter chicken
    Diwanas at the back of Euston. Amazing bhel puri house. Lovely food.

    Also my bro and his wife (who is French) like Porte Des Indes in central London which serves indian food with a french twist. But take out a mortgage first as the place is expensive.

    1. All sound good to me, will add to the list. I am working my way through as many places as possible. Think I might have been to the Punjab a while back, one of the few curry places around there. No shortage in Southall though!

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