Curry on Cooking Masala Dabba Indian Spice Tin


from Curry on Cooking, Derbyshire and Spain


Includes stainless steel masala dabba containing:
• 1 outer tin
• 1 see-through airtight lid
• 7 smaller spice containers inside the masala dabba Indian spice tin
• 1 spice spoon


Hi there! We’re the Spice Sisters, Nilam and Veena. We love food: especially Indian food, so we married our Britishness to our culinary skills to create six lip-smacking currylicious spice kits! And to add to the range we supply some essential cooking equipment for you to enjoy.

Masala Dabba Indian Spice Tin Every Indian household has one of these. The masala dabba is an Indian spice tin used for storing spices. This is a great way to store and keep all your spices in one place; the perfect addition to any curry lover’s kitchen. Note: this item does not include spices (photo for illustration purposes only).